Gaharu Corporation and its subsidiaries are focused on two of its core businesses, which are shipping and shipyard.

The corporation has more than 20 years of experience in providing shipping services in the forestry and its related industry initially and was later expanded to provide shipping logistics in the mining sector especially coal, granite, iron ore and quarry that has grown exponentially in tandem with market demands.

Gaharu Corp is poised to play significant roles in infrastructure, shipping and logistic businesses. Gaharu wants to exceed clients’ expectation in reliability, quality and innovativeness. To achieve this vision, Gaharu has the support of appropriate technology, market oriented operations managed by knowledgeable and experience professionals.

The forthcoming businesses the company will indulge in next to no time are mining and property.

Tjipto Widodo

Group CEO

Tjipto Widodo

Group CEO

What We Do

The high demand growth in sea transportation especially in the mining sectors (coal, split, granite, sand etc) has positioned Gaharu Corp to strengthen its shipping and shipyard services that covers domestic and international markets that include :

  • Inter island shipment & transhipment
  • Spot charter, time charter, COA (Freight Contracts)
  • Shipping agency
  • And other projects

Our clienteles varies from mining and trading corporation within and around the region.

The Company incorporated few subsidiary companies to cater for the growth in mining and property sector which will be launched in the near future.

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